0.68CAL – 4GRAM X 100 Count – Yellow – NYLON/PVC/GGLOSS

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100 Count X $44.00 CDN

The .68 Cal Nylon PVC, round ball Riot Training Balls ( Home Defence n Less Lethal ) are extremely cost effective, and can be used thousands of times. They just need to be swept up, rinsed, dried and put back in action! These 3.6-3.9gram Less Lethal projectile are a round ball with an excat bore of 0.683 and work best with a 0.683 or 0.684max barrel. Nylon , PVC, with a new gen glass gloss coating, these ball preformed at a minimum of 320fps, give an unbelievable amount of stopping power, distance 85-115ft, great grouping, and stunning results given true imaged less lethal results for Home Defence, Target practice, Tactical training and many more!

Self Defense Paintball Ammo Alternative

100 PVC/Nylon Balls
New and improved hard PVC/Nylon balls 3.6-3.9 grams, about 17mm or .683 bore

These work great and are intended for practice target shooting and possible home defence.
They work in all .68 cal. paintball guns, They are reusable, do not deform and long lasting

Muzzle Energy:

Shot from a First Strike T15 (Ar 1:1 Magfed Rifle):

  • 22 Joules / @ 330 Feet per second. Using a LAPCO 12.5″ Rifled barrel FS t15 0.683″ bore or equivalent barrel.
  • 19 Joules / @ 312 Feet per second. Using a LAPCO 8.5” Smooth bore FS t15 barrel 0.684”bore or equivalent barrel.

Energy levels up to 25-32 joules / reported, with small modifications to stock paintball guns, and increased regulator pressures. Proceed at your own risk. Watch our YouTube channel Canada Riot Balls to learn more

For law enforcement / military training, glass breaking, and home / self defense / Tactical Training / Target Practice

May be lethal. Use at your own risk. Not for field use or playing paintball. Hard round does not deform on impact. Extreme hazard not for children. Testing on people or animals will absolutely result in serious injury, and possibly death WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, CHECK YOUR LOCAL PROVINCE, STATE, CITY RULES N REGULATIONS.
Please expect to maintain your marker or launcher, and make adjustments to solve small issues.Learn Before you Leap. We test every launcher and magazine before using. We quality control our projectiles. No refunds or returns on projectiles.


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Personal and Military self protection Less lethal rounds 0.68 cal. 3.6-3.9 Grams

These projectiles are extremely dense injection -molded Nylon rounds designed for maxim impact and distance.
Please use riot balls responsibly
These ( 0.683 caliber works best with a 0.683 or 0.684 barrel bore) Market leading Home Defence n Less Lethal round ball riot ball, give you outstanding stopping power ( minimum of 320 fps required) , stunning distance 75-115ft(most effective in the 20-45ft range), Less than 1′ grouping, great accuracy, and a true less lethal projectile with proven stopping capabilities.

The new .68 Cal Nylon Riot Training Balls are the latest non-lethal training munitions available today. Lube them up , Re-Wash after use, and Re-use these outstanding projectile over and over again! Target Practice, Tactical Training, Home Defence, Pest Control the list is unlimited.

The .68 Cal Nylon Riot Training Balls are extremely cost effective, and can be used thousands of times. They just need to be swept up, rinsed, dried and put back in action!

Self Defense Paintball Ammo Alternative
100 count PVC/Nylon Balls X $44.00
New and improved hard PVC/Nylon balls 3.6-3.9 grams, about 17mm or .683 bore

These work great and are intended for practice target shooting and possible home defense against intruders or animal attacks.
They work in all .68 cal. paintball guns, They are reusable, do not deform and long lasting, round ball riot ball also work in most hoppers






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Weight 0.367 kg

9 reviews for 0.68CAL – 4GRAM X 100 Count – Yellow – NYLON/PVC/GGLOSS

  1. Travis Whittaker

    Can’t believe how fast these came
    Made my order and got a email in seconds giving me tracking number and everything
    Even came with some samples of the heavy balls

    Very appreciated

  2. Reaza

    Appreciate you dude


    I got the new 10 gram riot balls from you guys and they are crazy but then I decided to order some of these 4 gram after watching your guys YouTube videos and these things are so unexpected! Almost liking them more than my 10 gram but both are pretty cool and best my expectations

  4. RifleMan Thomas

    If you want some quality S**t get at this man
    Won’t be buying any other type of rounds except these SICK JOB BUDDY

  5. Tommy

    I weighed a bunch of mine and they all weighed 3.9 grams with one weight at 3.6 out of one bag that’s 100 balls . But the grey 10 gram ones all weight was at 10.2-10.4 gram and they fly. I use hp68 first strike grimburg rounds but for round ball the 9.9gr coat of nylon pvc is my round ball. Why don’t you use any valken m17 guy ? I’m getting some sick results

  6. Ryan Sull

    I ordered yellow ones and I got red ones. Really wanted the yellow to go with my tcp but all good they quality

  7. JohnDeer22

    Triple A

  8. Madeinparis

    4 gram is actually my favourite even over the 9.9

  9. PyrexLiving

    They arrived ! Ordered 6 days ago across the pond to the UK . Got my package and I’ve never been so satisfied! From the information Mikey has provided me , to the pure awesomeness of every product I got

    Thanks a million buddy

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